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13 Reasons Why India's New Farm Bills Are A 'Death Warrant' For Farmers

Written by Pawanpreet Singh Gill on April 5th, 2021

Up to this point, you are aware that on borders of Delhi are “real farmers”.

Thanks to the new farm laws passed by Modi government which encourages privatization of Agriculture in India.

Before Independence, we were under East India Company and after these farm laws, 1.3 billion of India’s population will be slave of the handful of private players – AAs.

We all know what AAs means. In this blog post, I will show you 13 Reasons why farmers are on Roads. Let’s dive deeper

1. Rules are meant to be broken

Well, you are probably wondering “Farmers have broken rules” like protesting and blocking highways, disturbing the public etc. They should be working in their fields, taking care of their crops.

But here’s the deal:

These new laws violate the constitution of India. The Seventh Schedule of the Indian Constitution clearly allocates the power and functions between Unions and States. It contains 3 lists namely union list, state list and concurrent list. Agriculture is clearly covered under entry 14 of the state list and its marketing under entry 28. To know more check out this report of The Wire.

So in layman language, it means agriculture and its marketing is the state’s subject and union government cannot make laws on it.

Well, government is following this notion – Rules are meant to be broken.

2. Jaago Grahak Jaago (Wake up Consumer)

Do you remember this advertisement on DD Doordarshan ?

So now is the time for the 1.3 billion population of India to open their eyes because their “khane ki thali”(food) is under the control of AAs. With the recent amendments in the essential commodity act, there is no bondage on the storage of crops. More on this in point 11.

Think of a scenario when you work in a Reliance store to earn money and buying your rice, pulses, wheat etc. from the same reliance store.

Who is getting richer? You, farmers, or AAs.

Moreover, farmer can grow their food but what about computer engineers, construction workers, factory owners, sweepers, digital marketers or other professionals. They have to suffer due to inflation in the prices of grocery items.

3. No Guarantee on Minimum Support Price

How would you feel if you do your job 8-10 hours and you are being paid less than what you were promised?

Farmers are demanding laws on the Minimum support price of all crops. So that at least they have surety of fair price of their produce. Well, this demand doesn’t seem wrong. If demonetization can occur in one night then why the government is not passing MSP as a law?

And check this out

In Varanasi, while addressing a public gathering Narendra Modi states that our intentions behind farm laws are pure like the holy Ganges.

Well, the bottom line is crops like wheat, rice, sugarcane, etc. demand six months to one year of extensive hard work in fields to pay back. You can imagine the suffering if farmer does not get MSP on his crop. Keep Reading

4. APMC Mandis will become dysfunctional

The Farmers’ produce Trade and Commerce (Promotion and Facilitation) Bill, 2020 also known as the ‘APMC Bypass Bill’. This bill will override all the state-level APMC acts. This leads to one nation two markets - one market under old APMC act and second under new bill.

The farmers’ concern is that for an initial couple of years private players will pay good amount for the crop but after APMC becomes dysfunctional, these corporate will monopolize the market and exploit them by underpaying their yield.

Well, the above reason is not my opinion but it had happened in history.

Check point 5, 6

5. History of Bihar Farmers

“The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results” Albert Einstein

To support my previous point let me give you an example from history. In 2006, the BJP-JD(U) government of Bihar led by Nitish Kumar had abolished the APMC Act in the state claiming that it would attract a large number of private buyers in the state and that the farmers would have a lot of options in the market which would enable them to get fair prices for their produce.

Well, you know the facts.

Ninety percent of farmers in Bihar do not get MSP.

Farmers have suffered losses ever since the abolition of the law, as traders buy agricultural produce at prices much lower than the MSP and sell the same in Punjab and Haryana at support prices.

6. Open Mandi System – A complete Failure

Out of the whole agriculture produce of India, only 6% goes into APMC mandis. Government is making fool of people by giving statements like “one nation one market” but in reality, 94% of farmers have already been exploited by private buyers outside APMC.

Moreover, Government fixes the MSP of 22 crops only.

Rests of the crops are being sold outside of mandis. Although, Mandi system still needs improvements but this system should not be abandoned.

7. Contract Farming – Tried, Tested and Failed

Contract farming is an agreement between companies or a party and farmers for the production and supply of agricultural products.

Contract farming is tried, tested and failed model of farming in India. Farmers had already experienced exploitation by contract farming by sugar mills and big corporations like PEPSICO.

They are paid below the Minimum Support Price and even payments are not received on time. Check the article of News laundry on this.

8. Unequal playfield – Farmers vs AAs

Farmers fear that they will engage with big traders and private players during contract farming. These big agribusinesses or big corporate will be dictating the terms of engagement.

The final crop depends on lots of factors like climate change, pests, etc. These big corporations may refuse to buy crops if final products fail to meet quality standards. Thus farmers and laborers are at mercy of these big companies.

To know more check out the report of News Click

9. Auction of land – Who is MISGUIDED?

Well, you heard Godi Media headlines that farmers are MISLEAD by opposition or foreign propaganda etc. Even PM Modi is claiming that farmer’s land is not put to auction.

Well let’s look at the facts

In Section 14th the 7 entry of “The Farmer (empowerment and Protection) Agreement of Price Assurance and farm Service bill, 2020” act says “The amount payable under any order passed by the Sub-Divisional Authority or the Appellant Authority, as the case may be, may be recovered as arrears of land revenue”

This simply means that farmer’s land can be put to auction.

Now Mr. Reader you decide who is misleading?

Supreme Leader or Protesting Farmers!

10. Corrupt Dispute Resolution System

Farmers are not given the provision to go to court.

Under the same act section 14 (1) Where, the farming agreement does not provide for conciliation process as required under subsection (1) of section 13, or the parties to the farming agreement fail to settle their dispute under that section within a period of thirty days, then, any such party may approach the concerned Sub-Divisional Magistrate who shall be the Sub-Divisional Authority for deciding the disputes under farming agreements.

How could an SDM challenge a big corporate in a corrupt system?

11. Amendment of “The Essential Commodities

(Amendment) Bill 2020”

Amendment of Section 3 (a) the supply of such foodstuffs, including cereals, pulses, potato, onions, edible oilseeds and oils, as the Central Government may, by notification in the Official Gazette, specify, may be regulated only under extraordinary circumstances which may include war, famine, extraordinary price rise and natural calamity of grave nature.

This means in simple language is that crops like wheat and rice are now out of essential commodity act and anyone can store them.

There is no limitation on the storage of crops.

This gives an advantage to big corporate to store crops. In this way, they can control demand and supply. As supply decreases demand increases and they will sell these crops to the public at higher prices.

12. From Owners to Laborers to Unemployment – Riches to Rags

Agriculture is the primary source of livelihood for about 58% of India's 1.3 billion residents. When farmers will not be getting fair prices and at the mercy of big corporate then they will be forced to work as laborers in their field. So labor which dependent on farmers will also be unemployed.

Here’s how this will benefit AAs

This increases the availability of cheap labor which will work on their terms. I don’t know what happens to India’s GDP but AAs gang GDP will grow surely.

India’s unemployment rates are at record high due to COVID – 19. To see full data of current unemployment crisis check out recent report of Economic Times.

13. Violation of Human Rights

We are well aware of the facts how Godi Media, the government and its agencies are dealing with farmers. Farmers have been called as Khalistanis, Pakistanis, Tukde-Tukde Gang, notices from NIA to Farm leaders, barricading by police, attack by BJP goons etc.

But they cannot suppress the truth.

Farmers are still at borders for more than 100 days. Every day two to three farmers are dying at Delhi borders. India’s index in freedom of speech, democracy index etc is falling.

My Views on The Protest

According to me, this protest will change the political, social, economical and moral values of India. I have personally traveled to Delhi 3-4 times and have seen how well organized and aware our youth is. Women are equally participating in protest with men. This protest unites people who were divided among caste, creed, gender, religion. The religion card of the government has failed brutally in this protest. Moreover, people become aware of the power of Social media and how to use them to raise their voices.

In democracy, government is for the people and by the people but bjp is for AAs (Ambani & Adani) and by the AAs. But at last they have to repeal these laws in order to end the protest and for the welfare of India.

If you like our blog then share it with your near and dears. Do let us know your views on this topic in comment section below.

Jai Jawan, Jai Kisan

Written by Pawanpreet Singh Gill

Pawanpreet Singh Gill is working as SEO Executive in Ludhiana, Punjab. Follow him on Instagram at: @pawansingh97

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