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Punjab has faced systemic oppression since pre-partition India, resulting in alarmingly high numbers of emigration, suicides and debt.


The farmer protests of 2020 against the 3 farm bills have ignited a revolution in Punjab.

A revolution of thought, empowerment, ability and willingness. Let's use this fire to rebuild Punjab, empowering our future generations.

Everything is interrelated - education, health, jobs, agriculture, economy.

To help farmers, we must uplift everything in Punjab. 

Keeping this in mind, this platform has three goals:

  1. Social Change: re-thinking our priorities as a culture, encouraging inclusivity of caste and gender

  2. Empowerment: building knowledge and access with our collective intelligence, implementing solution-based projects, creating jobs, demanding political accountability

  3. One Platform: a unified direction and platform to move forward from these protests. identify the political needs and push for those policy changes, make informed votes

This website will house resources, toolkits that people in Punjab and the diaspora can use empower themselves, their families, and their pind. Our social media pages will further the effort by synthesizing different pieces of information to empower our community with actionable knowledge. 

about the effort

Picking up fragmented analysis, resources and voices to lead punjab into empowerment in one unified direction

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