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Punjab was once known for its rich water sources, fertile lands and prosperity.

The word Punjab is derived from persian words panj (five) and aab (water), but Punjab is now facing serious problems as the groundwater is depleting at an alarming rate, and the contaminated water is becoming a silent killer. Diseases like cancer, hepatitis, and other serious disorders are rampant due to the presence of uranium, arsenic, lead and other chemicals in drinking water. 

As the government is not taking any necessary steps towards the issues faced by people in rural Punjab, it is the time for us to come together and save Punjab.


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Our first focus is to improve the water quality as well as address depletion of water levels in our pilot village. 
Phase 2 of our green pind model will include more projects to improve quality of life and health in our pilot village.

We will take adequate steps towards the development of the village by providing necessary infrastructure like library, gym, park, planting trees, clean-up and internet facility. Libraries and internet facilities can uplift the education system in rural areas.

Gyms, grounds, and parks will play an important role in inspiring the youth towards sports and healthy lifestyle.


We are a completely volunteer run

start-up non-profit. We need donations to start building our Green Pind model.

All of your donations will go directly towards the project, towards tangible costs like planting trees, water filtration, sewage systems. Your donations will not be used to pay salaries, or other administrative costs. 

For more information, questions or concerns, please email us at


You can donate via the Donorbox to transform the villages of Punjab and save our future generations.

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